Do You Run Faster Barefoot Superb 5 Barefoot Running Blogs

Do You Run Faster Barefoot Superb 5 Barefoot Running Blogs

I first review the current debate about barefoot running, highlighting points of general agreement and disagreement, as well as some misconceptions.

Finally, I try to summarize the current evidence that running barefoot impacts performance.

Do You Run Faster Barefoot Superb 5 Barefoot Running Blogs
Do You Run Faster Barefoot Superb 5 Barefoot Running Blogs

Do You Run Faster Barefoot  THE DISCUSSION

Earlier this year, Daniel Crow, an associate professor at Colorado State University, announced on Twitter that he was conducting a scientific study on the barefoot vs. shod running debate, and he invited us to contribute to the discussion via our comments and posts.

Of the nearly 1,000 comments and 6 studies, which I kindly summarize below, the vast majority of believers called out casual barefooters as individuals or race organizers as part of the problem.

Someone even compared the barefoot vs. shod debate to organ harvesting in the animal rights movement.
However, I disagree with these assessments. Here is not an indictment of all barefooters or all barefoot evangelists – simply an examination of the case for and against barefoot running in this manner.

Do You Run Faster Barefoot : Barefoot Vs. Shod Finds One Anomaly

When Crow published his study, his hypothesis was that “shod barefoot” would score better in running competitions than “barefoot”. In the study, he measured barefoot and shod runners and compared the latter to those who wore shoes or skipped any footwear during 5K times around a track. The results were pretty straightforward: Shod barefoot runners (those who ran barefoot with sock-like fabric) consumed more energy and carbohydrates than the barefoot runners.

Although this study does not directly address the debate about the barefoot vs. shod running debate, I draw a conclusion based on this data: Barefoot runners simply seem faster and more efficient than their shod counterparts.

Although this data seems to indicate that barefoot pounding on the pavement is equal in performance to shod pounding, this does not mean that a runner must run barefoot to achieve these potential performance enhancements.

Even though the researchers measured the barefoot runners differently than the shod runners, the barefoot runners performed more or less the same on the track as the shod runners: They consumed approximately the same amount of carbohydrates and oxygen during the 5K as the barefoot runners and more or less the same energy during the 10K as the shod runners. In fact, on a metabolic rate treadmill test, which measures the amount of oxygen consumed per unit of work, the barefoot runners achieved the same power output as the shod runners.

The only way that the barefoot runners might have been any faster than the shod runners is if their muscles suffered from muscle overloading from repetitive impacts on the track. If a scientific study can show that being barefoot on the track does not require better muscular strength, my credibility as a sports scientist would be ruined.

I aim to add to the discussion by reviewing what the authority says about how to run barefoot versus in anything else.

Armed with this information, we’re better positioned to at least give our readers information to decide for themselves and experiment with what any particular style of running barefoot would be like.

Do You Run Faster Barefoot Superb 5 Barefoot Running Blogs
Do You Run Faster Barefoot Superb 5 Barefoot Running Blogs

Do You Run Faster Barefoot  THE INTRO

There have been some pretty heated debates in the past decade about this topic, and The
The stressed gym was one of the first places where I felt happiest defending the merits of my decision to
run barefoot.

Lebron James is credited with being the most notable professional to
run barefoot, and he received headlines that compared debating barefoot versus
shoes to debating the origin of life itself:

I don’t care what the coordinates on that map were on that day; this square block of
space made a statement of science. It told eternity what we want it to tell us.” — LeBron James on his shoes

The reason crowded news in that spot? More than wanting to disagree with the facts, other
pages were anxiously debating whether to wear shoes or barefoot. Whatever side of this
debate you are on, I would be remiss if I failed to acknowledge that it is a valid

There certainly is universal consensus on the barefoot stance satisfying many people’s sense of
wellness and empowerment. I won’t attempt to prove or disprove the movement itself,
but I will discuss how barefoot running might feel indifferent to individuals’ shoes regardless.


Of course, convincing anyone to switch shoe brands requires someone who
considers barefoot running to truly understand and believe in it — but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t talk about
it. Let’s challenge ourselves to find the motivation.

Do You Run Faster Barefoot  1 IT KEEPS YOU FEELING COLD

Barefoot running basically offers the sensation of being loosely anchored in the earth. Your feet soak up the same amount of
body heat that shoes do. This lowers your core temperature, helping to feel more comfortable while you run. You also decrease
stretching to increase your stride length, allowing you to power through softer and less painful pogos.

Do You Run Faster Barefoot  2 IT OPEN YOUR EYES

As a runner, the tactile sensations of running barefoot provide a different perspective. Without the cushioning of
shoes or the support of a bulky wicking cloth, foot and ankle bones have room to sink into the earth as you power through the
fields and woods.


If you can walk, run, and in any way substitute for walking, sliding, running barefoot across dirt, carpet, or grass, you should definitely do so if you want to continue receiving the benefits of a barefoot running style.

Neck-strongness aside, running barefoot is an optimal way to teach the body to move, both functionally as well as psychologically.

Without shoes, if you barefoot run on the smooth, flat, grass you will not lack support. You will be stepping on the ground in a natural position parallel to the ground, with the soles of your feet turning in and out at natural angles to walk or run and turn in and out of your planted foot as well.

That’s how the impact is eliminated. Without shoes, you’ll be moving your whole foot and ankle much more naturally. It is also how your gait, stride, rotation, and alignment are designed to operate.

The fact is, people are naturally, powerfully, and easily run barefoot in all sorts of natural settings. Running barefoot is not simply comfortable and convenient. It is scientifically proven to be optimal for conditioning both your feet and brain.

For backcountry hikers who spend countless days and nights in the backcountry, years of habitual training and habituation may lead them to overstride and point their toes too far out between every step on the trail. Running barefoot allows you to relax and even wear some of your weight on your toes. Maybe, by walking, you’ll lower your perceived load, which can reduce the risk of overuse injuries. Being less overstriding also allows you to maintain a more natural stride and reduces your resources available for pushing off when needed.


According to Dr. Timothy Noakes, from the traditionally practicing Ayima Centre for Health and Healing Arts, an athlete’s fluid needs rise during the lactic acid periods for your running stroke. The body pulls fluid out of the muscle and passes it along the length of the muscle into the surrounding capillaries.
Runners who run barefoot allow soap scum to accumulate in their feet, which is then drained whenever the athlete feels like they have a skin scratch.

What We Can Learn About Running from Barefoot
Do You Run Faster Barefoot Superb 5 Barefoot Running Blogs


Barefoot running does not allow for a bulky midfoot gait. Instead, surrounding the toes with the right amount of lateral and medial space keeps your foot strong and agile, while adding strength and flexibility to each stride.

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