What is the Fitness to Fly certificate?

Fitness to Fly certificates are the medical report showing that you don’t have a health condition preventing flying.

There is standard fit to fly certificates, and Covid’19 Fitness to Fly certificates. Please be informed that those certificates are not the same.

Before you fly, make sure to match this with your airline or agency-related fit to pass certificates.

Different airlines have different fit-to-fly certificate policies. For example, some airlines ask to fill out a specific form, whereas others directly accept medical reports.

If you apply for the certificate to the medical institution, please make sure to ask if the report will be acceptable by your airline or not.

general medical council medical certificate

Fitness to fly certificate is the same as a fitness to fly certificate? 

Yes, both terms are used frequently.

How to get fit to fly certificate? 

If you are in the UK, check with medical institutions. Many medical centers provide fly letter.

If you are resident in additional countries, you can ask your airline or agency directly, and they will direct you.

general medical council medical certificate

Which airlines accept which certificate? 

Airlines have forms or information on their website for the certifications. In addition, there are travel clinic locations; you can directly ask those clinics.

Fit to fly certificate is related to Covid’19?

Not necessarily.

Covid’19 certificate or PCR test is different from fit to fly letter. However, if you have a negative Covid’19 test or are vaccinated, you can ask your doctor to add this information to your fitness to fly certificate. In addition, some countries such as Thailand request Covid’19 information to fit the fly letter. Therefore, you need to ask your airline and your destination country officials.

On the other hand, specific conditions may require a fit-to-fly certificate.

  • If you stayed in hospital before a flight
  • If you had an operation recently
  • If you are pregnant over 28 weeks.
  • Infectious diseases

There are thousands of other conditions, such as broken bones, stroke, or DVT.

If you have a health condition or had a health condition in the last two months, we advise you to ask this airline or agency.

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Fit to fly certificate cost can be covered by private insurance? 

Yes, it can be covered. But please note that this is directly depending on your insurance coverage and the medical center.

You can ask the medical center before you go there whether if you can your insurance or not. Some clinics directly accept the insurance payment, and some of them request you to pay and then apply to the insurance company with all the documents and vouchers.

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How much Fit to fly certificate cost?

While it changes according to the clinic or the country, but it is around 80 USD-100 USD.

What if the certificate is not accepted? 

This may be the case, and you may have a problem with the refund. Therefore, please be proactive and ask your airline and agency for their recommendation about the clinic and the test.

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Foreign Travel Advice for the UK citizens

Please make sure to read foreign travel advice.

What is the expiration date for fit to fly certificate?

Fit to fly certificates are usually requested a few days before the flight. Therefore, if you have fit-to-fly certificates from a few weeks or months before, the airlines may not accept them.

Therefore, if you have a certificate with an older date, make sure to ask your airline or your agency and destination country officials to learn if it is valid or not.

If you have a long-term health issue, this certificate will probably be renewed with each flight.

How long does it take to issue a fit-to-fly certificate? 

It depends on the medical institution. However, considering they might need some or Covid’19 tests, it may take 24 hours to 48 hours.

How does fit to fly certificate format look like?

It depends on the clinic, but commonly, it looks like the one below.

medical certificate written

Fit to Fly certificate UK? 

It may differ if you are leaving the UK or arriving in the UK. In both cases, your airline or agency will direct you. Please make sure to check the government’s health web pages before your flight.

Those requirements are changing all the time.

Fit to Fly certificate Thailand? 

There are specific requirements for fit-to-fly certificates if your destination is Thailand. By the time we were writing this FAQ, it had changed. Therefore, travel restriction information is subject to change all time.

If your destination is Thailand, we recommend checking with local or Thailand authorities.

For the UK: https://www.gov.uk/foreign-travel-advice/thailand

For the US: https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/international-travel/International-Travel-Country-Information-Pages/Thailand.html

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