How to Maintain a Beautiful Handwriting: Best Tips for Excellent Handwriting

Many teachers and parents of young children complain that a child’s handwriting is not good. Many adults believe that their own handwriting is not beautiful.

When you have a lovely script, people will find it easier to read your writing, increasing the impression that your paper gives.

People will see it easier to read your article on the page, on a whiteboard, or in print. In addition, having beautiful handwriting is satisfying, and it is something that you can do in your spare time.

How to Have Beautiful Handwriting Choose a style. 

There are three different general cursive writing styles: traditional, transitional (or modern), and script. Traditional is considered more “old-fashioned” and is the same style used in early America.

Transitional cursive handwriting is a mix of upper and lower case letters, while script cursive is a mix of upper and lower case letters with the added loops in some notes.

Transitional cursive writing is sometimes referred to as “modern cursive,” and script cursive is sometimes referred to as “loopy cursive.”

Study your style of choice. If you are unsure, ask a calligrapher for a recommendation.

The style may have been passed down through generations of your family, or you may want to pick from one of the three different styles. Whatever your decision, commit to it and follow through with practicing it.

How to Have Cursive Handwriting Choose the right pen

Although beautiful handwriting is an acquired skill, you can choose the right pen to do that beautiful writing.

There are many factors to consider when picking out a pen. First, you should check to see what the ink is made of.

Pens are now available that use gel, ballpoint, or fountain ink. For beautiful handwriting, fountain pens are the best option.

Fountain pen ink comprises waterproof dyes suspended in a solution called “fountain pens ink.” This type of ink flows smoothly and can result in beautiful handwriting, but it takes a little longer to dry.

Another factor that you should look for is the pen’s durability. While beautiful handwriting can be achieved with all types of pens, those pens come in several different sizes, shapes, and weights.

When beautiful handwriting is your goal, you should look for a pen with an ergonomic design. This will provide the most comfort for beautiful handwriting.

Finally, the way that you hold your pen will affect beautiful handwriting. You should keep your pen between your thumb and ring finger if you are right-handed.

Avoid having the pen between your index finger and thumb for beautiful handwriting because it will cause your wrist to be cocked to the side.

Make sure to take care of your pen.

It is crucial that you clean and maintains your beautiful handwriting. To keep your pen at its best, you should clean it regularly.

Many pens are made up of porous materials that are breeding grounds for bacteria. To keep your pen clean, you should rinse it with water and then rub it gently with a toothbrush used exclusively for pens.

How to Have Cursive Handwriting: Practice consistently.

Find what works for you. The most crucial principle in handwriting is to write neatly, legibly, and comfortably. If you do not like the way that your writing looks, then changing it won’t be easy.

Find your handwriting style that you feel most comfortable with and practice consistently, forming the habit. For some, this may mean using print and, for others, cursive; neither is right or wrong.

They are simply different writing styles. Find what works for you, and practice until it becomes second nature.

Write neatly.

The most crucial principle in handwriting is to write neatly. Write neatly with a consistent slant, line thickness, and spacing. If writing neatly is not something you struggle with, don’t worry about it.

The following tips are for those who want to write neatly and consistently every moment you pick up the pen or pencil.

       Know thy ruler! Over the years, I’ve tried many different pens and pencils, but my favorite has always been the 0.7mm Pentel Rolling Writer. (I enjoy using a pencil for this, but it seems I’m in the minority.)

This thing makes writing beautifully effortless. The ink flows effortlessly, and the width of the line it produces is consistent, leaving behind a thin, even dark line. 

After I write with it, my hand feels like an extension of the pen. This is my favorite for this purpose, but it doesn’t come cheap; you should be able to find it for around ten dollars.

       A notebook that you love is also essential. It doesn’t matter what kind or brand, just that you enjoy writing in it. For the past three years, I’ve been using the Leuchtturm1917, and I’m obsessed.

It is a hardcover notebook with 100 pages of dotted paper, making it great for using grid and line ruling systems. Another great option is Rhodia.

       I’ve only recently discovered the bullet journal system, and I’m completely hooked. My girlfriend and I have both been using it to organize our lives.

The bullet journal is essentially a notebook that has become your planner, to-do list, journal, sketchbook, etc. It is updated, so you can start at any time of the year and use it for years and years.

It provides a beautiful, customizable layout to write/draw/plan exactly how you want to.

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