The Lycian Way is one of the top hiking trails in Turkey

The Lycian Way

Lycian Way is a Mediterranean Trail that stretches for 540 kilometers along the turquoise coast of southern Turkey. Lycian Way offers dozens of unspoiled sandy beaches, mountain trails, medieval churches, and restored monuments. Hikers will be lured by its rugged coastline, pine forests, and wild landscapes. The Lycian Way is perfect for people who enjoy the outdoors! The final destination is near to Antalya city center.

The Lycian Way is one of the top hiking trails in Turkey. It offers hikers a chance to discover Lycia, an ancient region in the country’s southwest that once shared its borders with Caria, Pamphylia, and Pisidia. Lycia was located between two ranges of mountains, the Lycian Mountains to its north and the Taurus Mountains to its south.

Lycia also had rich tombs filled with treasures, imposing castles on rocky outcrops, natural harbors, and tranquil beaches often separated by dense forests. In addition, addition, many Lycian cities are situated on or close to Kıyıköy (literally “the shore village”), which means you will be able to experience village life as well.

Lycian WayThe Lycian Way Entire route passes thru the following locations:

  • Fethiye,
  • Spectacular coastline + butterfly valley
  • Kınık (Show cave and Hiking),
  • Ölüdeniz (Blue lagoon),
  • Saklıkent (Valley of the Lycian kings) ,
  • Geyikbayırı (Bear mountain – Trekking),
  • Sarıbelen (Monks Valley – Trekking),
  • Belören, Eşen, Ölüdeniz (Kaya Village – Trekking),
  • Gökçeören,
  • Gavurağılı,
  • Yenikent Prasonisi (Sandy beach) ,
  • Small coastal town Akbel,
  • Hisarönü Kayaaltı Plajı (Sandy beach),
  • Pazar,
  • Yediburunlar,
  • Kayaköy (Ghost Town – Trekking) ,
  • Kavaklıdere Kale,
  • Gündoğan Kalesi (Castle ruin),
  • Hisarönü Belediye Tesisleri (Hisaronu Public Facilities),
  • Ağaçkonak Lycian Way Office-Çukurbük,
  • Çamlıbel( White Valley – Trekking) ,
  • Goncatepe (Mountain top with a view over the Lycian Coast
  • and the mountain villages of Göcek and Fethiye.
  • sunken city

Lycian Way

Is it Marked?

The Lycian Way is marked with red&white marks painted on rocks and trees. Some Lycian Way maps are available online, but you can also find them at Lycian way info points (usually near the most exciting spots). There is one guide for every group of hikers available in several languages, explaining everything from the history of Lycia to plant species along the Lycian Way. In addition, it has basic direct route information and valuable contact information such as accommodation options and places to get supplies.

Lycian way maps are available for free at Lycian Way Docpoint (a document giving information on the Lycian Way), located in Hisarönü, Fethiye. It is just next to Lycian Way Information Point, located at the beginning of the Lycian Way walk.

Lycian Way What is the Lycian Way? Lycian Way GuideBook

The Lycian Way is a marked long-distance trail of 540km in length on the Mediterranean coastline of Turkey, running from Fethiye to Antalya. It passes through less-developed villages where local people still live according to generations-old ways of life, rich archaeological sites (including some UNESCO World Heritage Sites)

The Lycian Way’s name celebrates the ancient civilization of the Lycians who once inhabited these parts more than 1,600 years ago.

What is The Lycian WayThe best app to hike Lycian Way Walking Tour :

If you want to take the app route, I recommend Lycian Way PRO. You can use it to guide yourself if you have an internet connection, but you’ll need offline maps if there is no available connection. The website also allows for storing your data which is great for making backup copies of your progress.

This app has many features over other apps. I’ve seen that are specific to the survival needs of people hiking the Lycian Way. Ready your hiking boots.

Lycian Way Accommodation Where to Stay without camping gear?

There are plenty of terrific pensions to choose from in the area, all with rooms that have traditional furnishings. Some rooms have shared bathrooms, while others have private bath suites.

Whether you want something basic or stay somewhere with a decadent spa for your serene getaway, there is something for everyone near the Lycian Way.

Can you cycle the Lycian Way with camping gear?

No, officially, you can’t. However, there are plenty of trails to choose from that follow the same route, some of which allow mountain biking! Do not forget your sleeping bag.

How many days?

It is about 540 kilometers long and takes an estimated 30 days to hike. Of course, it’s possible to follow the trail in shorter lengths, but it will take significantly more time than one might expect.

How long is the Lycian Turkey Way?

The Lycian Way is approximately 540 km or 335 miles and takes about 30 days to walk.

The Lycian Way meanders through the hills and valleys of the Mediterranean coastline following ancient paths, footpaths, and mule tracks, crossing forests, green fields, thyme-covered hillsides, and olive trees to offer you a chance to enjoy your time with nature. You can spend your time there hiking or exploring archaeological sites such as Apollonia. Seashores at Xanthos archaeological sites and other temples have been depicted on numerous occasions by Hollywood directors.

How difficult is the Official Route?

It’s a largely unmarked long-distance trail, so be sure to do your research ahead of time, bring a good map with you on the trail lines, and have some mapping knowledge before embarking. However, don’t let this deter you from embarking on it! The Lycian Way is still one of the most scenic hikes in Turkey.

It would be best if you had a good walking boot. Look for day hiking trails marked along the Way with blue signs that say “Lycian Way” or stop at one of the green tourist offices. Local authorities will give some tremendous interesting information about places to stay overnight.

Is the Lycian Way Walk is safe?

The Lycian Way is generally relatively safe, but it does need to be followed strictly. One shouldn’t stray from the designated path for various reasons – safety, logistics, and the fact that much of the distance traveled on any given day is across the private agricultural property.

Many routes are available for people who want to hike Turkey’s Lycian coast (including some all-inclusive versions). Wherever one goes in this part of Turkey, an occasional local road will cross their path.

Can you do the Lycian Way without camping?

It is possible to go the Lycian Way without camping. Instead, you can walk from village to village, staying in pension or hotel accommodation, and pension owners can allow hikers a tent site close by. Several major towns along the Way have pensions with good amenities and offer prices competitive with hotels in modern city centers.

The level of quality varies considerably. But, if you’re lucky enough to find a good one, you’ll get more than just a bed for the night. There might even be an on-site restaurant serving traditional dishes using organic produce grown locally. Delicious repasts that will not only fill the hole left by the hard day’s work (or lack thereof) but also raise our sagging spirits.

How much does the Lycian Way cost?

The Lycian Way is a very long but beautiful hiking trail. For the 30 days hike, you would require about 500 euros to 700 euros. On top of that, equipment such as food, water, and clothing will add another 100-300 euros. So the total cost for a 70kg backpacker can be estimated at 700-800 euros per person over 30 days. But do keep in mind the lack of access to public services on this route.

 When to hike the Official Route?

The best months to hike the Lycian Way are probably spring and autumn. In summer, it is too hot, while there can be snow on several sections at more than 1500 meters altitude in winter.

Where does the Lycian Way start?

The trail starts in Ovacık, but you can also hike it from Fethiye if you prefer. Very near to butterfly valley. The northern suburb of Ölüdeniz has several roads where cars may obstruct the view for hikers, so they should take side trails when possible!

map of the hike, hiking way map

Discover a historic route The Lycian Way Turkey 2022

This ancient trail consists mainly of Roman roads and old mule trails with some stony ground here and there for mountain bikes but not too much so it can be enjoyed by anyone who wants an adventure!

You will enjoy :

-rocky coast

-higher mountains inland

-turquoise coast

-tiny back alleys

-castle topped village

-cobbled streets

-Roman bridge

-beautiful ports

-top beaches

-spectacular views

-Turkish riviera

-beautiful settings

The scenic beauty makes up for most any difficulty along this historic path among nature’s unique gifts. Freshwater springs at intervals; verdant valleys where olive groves flourish alongside fruit orchard trees heavy with peach skins flying off their branches in summertime ripe fruit hanging low enough only children need.

Walking the old roads of Turkey is not for the fainthearted. This ancient path, long before it became known as “The Great Road,” was created to identify and protect some of these country’s ancient routes from destruction by modern-day development schemes!

British woman Kate Clow, an amateur Historian, did all her research into the history. Which resulted in one of its first hiking trails; The Historic Long Distance Path Of Turkey – Nominated For UNESCO World Heritage Status As A Result From Its Outstanding Value Archiving.

The start point, at Ölüdeniz, is 2 hours from Dalaman airport and the endpoint Geyikbayırı. From there, you can take a bus every day that goes to Antalya for around $4-5 dollars!

The Lycian Way Self Guided Tours

The Lycian Way Hike is a great place to go for adventure seekers. Not only does it offer the opportunity of long walks and picnics, but there’s also swimming in nearby rivers- perfect after a hard day on your feet! Trekking can be done during Spring or Autumn months – February through May and September through November, respectively – when weather conditions allow. However, summertime should not even be considered if you want some peace & quiet: temperatures often exceed 36°Celsius, making walking uncomfortable without water!

The villages all over the Lycian Way offer accommodation for visitors. Independent trekkers can find plenty of wild camping places with nearby water. At the same time, those traveling as part of a group will be able to stay in more luxurious hotels or pensions that provide meals and laundry services!

The large majority (over 80%)of locations on this touristic route have access only tents which means you must bring your gear, but there is no lack whatsoever when it comes down to finding good spots where nature offers everything one may need.

Together with the St. Paul Trail

Together with the St. Paul Trail, it forms a boot-shaped route of about 750 km (470 mi), along which one can walk from coast to coast across the Lycian Peninsula, the mountainous region between the Gulf of Antalya and the Gulf of Fethiye. The combined paths are currently being upgraded to international standards.

The trail is primarily intended for walkers, but the section from Limyra to Myra (aka Agios Theodoros) can also be cycled. On the course, you will find ancient ruins, pine forests, and wildflowers in spring, and trout streams and waterfalls if you stray off-trail.

There are many distinct sections of the trail; we have highlighted our recommendations for each team.

The further you walk, the more remote and magical it becomes – there is something entirely transporting about following in the footsteps of Cicero and Cleopatra. It’s also a great way to see off-the-beaten-track parts starting at Ölüdeniz Fethiye.

Experience one of the world’s most breathtaking long-distance trails

The journey to Lycia was an adventure. We had planned on four meals with snacks that also worked as breakfast, but the food only added unnecessary weight for me because it tastes so good! There is a lot of minimarkets in the villages (village house) or small restaurants too.

So if you’re looking for something quick during your travels here- though I wouldn’t necessarily recommend this option since they cost more than any other place around ghost town does by far (plus all their dishes come out completely cold).

The people are friendly and speak English quite well, which makes communication easier between tourists. However, most everyone has accents regardless, just like everything else about life.

Having a meal in the bag is not necessary if you’re planning on getting hungry during your trip. You will find something to eat along the Way, but it’s best not to overdo it with too much food because of how expensive they can be (especially when major outside cities).

A good rule of thumb would be one or two meals per day; anything more than three might make things difficult for yourself while traveling since most places only offer snacks as an option.

For water, make sure you have a little more than what’s needed. It can get hot on the Lycian Way (in May for us. It went up to almost 30 degrees. There are practically no rivers with which we could refill our containers at designated points—throughout this route map, indicated in red ink note that these villages also sell sunscreen!

The dry heat made me grateful when walking among fields of flowers or watching fishers from Anatolia’s Morning Line catch their dinner just offshore while sipping iced tea.

The Lycian Way is a route that runs through rugged terrain but mostly on good-quality trails. It has moderate-way markings – GPS tracks and our mobile app is highly advised for those looking to follow in its footsteps. There are frequent ascents and descents, often steeply inclined paths with little room for error; the best advice we can give anyone planning this trip would be to carry plenty of water because dehydration could become an issue!

The Lycian Way is a jaw-dropping route through the rugged mountains, bustling agricultural deltas, and endless coastline with turquoise waters. This journey takes you to charming towns thatched by vineyards where hidden coves are waiting for those who want privacy or enjoy an afternoon drink on their private beachfront, all before crashing into burning rocks!

The winding path then continues back down toward civilization as it skirts around craggy steep cliffs decorated in wildflowers – not far from ancient city walls covered headlong by ocean spray (just another reminder of how much time has passed since these were built).

The Lycian Way Map, the coast of Turkey, is the Best Way to explore it.

map of lycian way

Lycian Way Hike is an unforgettable experience. It’s the sort of place you go to relax and enjoy some delicious food or explore ancient ruins with its striking landscape dotted by these incredible structures that seem entirely out-of-place in today’s world – but not so much back then!

The path itself isn’t very physically challenging, as most hikes tend to become tough after hours spent ascending steep slopes covered mostly @ 4WD tracks through thick brush & rugged terrain. Here, there will only be two ascents reaching 3000 ft around 1000metres.

There is camping available almost everywhere along the Lycian Way. This allows for some unique experiences, like waking up to watch animals in their natural habitats or enjoying a hot spring soak after completing a long hike during summertime!

With low costs for food and accommodation, visitors can enjoy an authentic Turkish experience in each village they pass through on their journey down this paradise-like landmass! Locals are friendly but speak only Turkish. So learning just a handful of Turkish may be enough.

The Lycian Way is a hike that you can do any time of year, but it’s typically more enjoyable in, of course, the spring months. But, of course, spring and fall have their advantages too; for one thing, the temperature levels will be milder, which makes hiking easier on your body (and saves water!) Additionally, there are plenty more flowing rivers with drinking opportunities during these seasons – not so much when summertime rolls around!

Lycian Way Hike is an unspoiled valley filled with green trees, white mountains, and blue skies. You will find peace here that can’t be found anywhere else in all of Turkey! The only downside to this serene location is the pensions which may be closed during your stay due to low visitor numbers throughout spring or fall months (Lycia’s two harvest seasons).

Those who enjoy mental reflection while going on hikes or walks through nature trails; if relaxation overlooks like something you’re craving, then look no further than, where tranquility comes naturally- even without any other humans around for miles upon miles at times.

Winter is a difficult season to hike. It can be treacherous, with some sections requiring advanced gear and experience for the hiking mountains or hills in wintertime; otherwise, you’ll end up getting lost or injured on your trip! Be sure to pack plenty of water (or fill up at river sources) and weatherproof clothes.

In summer, it can be sweltering, but it’s worth the hike. The best time to go hiking is early in the morning before peak heat sets in, and you’ll avoid getting dehydrated from being out for too long with a bit of water source at your destination!

map of the Lycian way hike, hiking the lycian way map

map of the Lycian way hike, the lycian way map hiking time

map of the Lycian way hike, the lycian way map hiking time

You do not need travel insurance. In the summertime, take your best walking boots. Enjoy the historical sites. Visit Lycian tombs, Oludeniz beach, gey village, Kabak bay. Summer months prepare for cold nights. In a small village, you may not find a hotel reception or welcome meeting.

Enjoy the optional activities.

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