Turkey Clothing Brands

Armağan Giyim

Armağan clothing was established in Istanbul in 1973 in Beyoğlu district; Mikdat Armağan said hello to the fashion world with a small workshop of three machines by the brothers Hüseyin Armağan and Abdullah Armağan. With its steady growth with the principle of quality first, it has won the favor of women, and its brand value in the fashion world has taken its deserved place.

The company moved to Osmanbey, the center of fashion, in 1987 and turned into a limited company in 1993. After opening its first retail store in Istanbul-Fatih in 2002, it continues to grow in the retail sector by adding new stores.

Armağan, who closely follows the developments in the industry, develops products focused on the original design, attaches importance to innovation and adds value to women’s fashion, closely follows the technology and increases its production by constantly equipping its machinery with the latest technology.

It continues to grow by keeping a close watch on fashion and trends in Turkey and the world, maintaining its strong image with its uncompromising basic principles, continuously being renewed according to the day’s needs.

turkey clothing brands
turkey clothing brands

Ay Yıldız

Ay Yıldız is the first underwear turkey clothing brand. According to their own words;

The underwear and swimwear production sector, which started in our country under the leadership of Ayyıldız, has developed rapidly with our leadership for 59 years and has become the determining factor of today’s world fashion.

As a result of our efforts to bring the trends we have created to world standards, we have opened the door to global success beyond borders. In addition, our constantly developing understanding of merchandising and our experience have brought us a marketing network that grows with each passing day.

We are always the first and only consumer choice by reflecting it with our products that carry original designs where quality and comfort are at the forefront.

Unlimited creativity brought to us by a never-ending excitement for 59 years and equipped with the latest possibilities of today’s ever-developing production technology, production is carried out with care and presented to our consumers.

In addition to the high-quality products we produce, we are proud to offer our customers the most comprehensive product range in the industry by bringing together many well-known world brands in our stores.

turkey clothing brands
turkey clothing brands


The Address of Luxury Retail Beymen is one of the best turkey clothing brands.

Beymen has been one of the leading players in the world luxury retail industry and the Turkish fashion industry since 1971.

Today, Beymen’s collections, which include more than 400 world brands, are considered the best-in-class in the world. Standing out with its retail experience, Beymen is shown as an example in its sector and different sectors with its understanding of customer relations and customer satisfaction practices. In addition to its leadership in fashion, it reinforces its position in the industry with its creative value.

Merchandising Operation

Today, within the body of Beymen Mağazacılık A.Ş, there are a total of 60 stores representing and serving different merchandising approaches in a total area of ​​35,000 square meters.

Especially Beymen Multibrand Stores, Beymen Club, Beymen Blender, and Beymen Shu stores; Monobrand boutiques such as Tod’s, Dior, Dolce&Gabbana, Bottega Veneta, Moschino, Christian Louboutin, Jimmy Choo, and Etro are also part of the Beymen operation.

Beymen’s first overseas investment, the Beymen Cairo store, provides service on a total area of ​​6,000 square meters within the Four Season’s Hotel.

Beymen Erbil store, which is Beymen’s second overseas investment, provides service in an area of ​​1,200 square meters in total within the Divan Hotel.

Beymen Private Label

Collections bearing the Beymen brand represent a tradition that has achieved perfection over the years, and a never-ending change with new product groups added every day. In addition to Beymen Collection Men, Beymen Collection Women, Beymen Club, and Academia, Beymen Bag and Beymen Scarf collections represent this creative tradition.

World Brands

Long-established and strategic partnerships with more than 400 brands within its structure make Beymen one of the most critical sales locations of many of these brands in the world. Among the brands sold only in Beymen stores in Turkey are the leading brands of luxury understanding such as Dior, Saint Laurent, Valentino, Celine, Stella McCartney, Dolce&Gabbana, Etro, Balenciaga, Dsquared2, Bottega Veneta, and Chloe.

turkey clothing brands
turkey clothing brands


Collezione, one of the leading names in the fashion industry in Turkey, started its journey to become a brand with its first store opened in Bakırköy in 1987.

Collezione, which has been the pioneer of the sector for 27 years; Today, has evolved one of the most significant trademarks working in the field of fashion and ready-to-wear retailing in Turkey, with 264 shops and corner stores in Turkey and 63 sales points abroad.

Adopting the vision of ‘Being the Leader in the Turkish Fashion Clothing Market, the First to Come to Mind and a Global Brand in 2015’, Collezione continues to grow with stores opened in many parts of Turkey. The world invests in its technological infrastructure and constantly updates its information systems to provide a higher quality service to its customers.

Collezione stores bring quality and fashion products to those who feel young and young with the understanding of ‘fast, fresh fashion.’ Collezione is one of the most significant trademarks in Turkey with its efforts to become the most preferred fashion brand in the world and Turkey by differentiating with the style and lifestyle it creates.

Turkey Clothing Brands
Turkey Clothing Brands
turkey clothing brands
turkey clothing brands


DeFacto, which was established in 2003 and opened its first store in 2004, has quickly taken its place among the leading brands of the ready-made clothing and fashion sector in Turkey. Today, it continues on its way as the second-largest company in its sector in Turkey with its 329 domestic and 110 overseas stores. Between Turkey’s clothing brands, DeFacto is one of the fastest-growing brands.

With its experienced design team and collaborations, it has succeeded in adding designs that adapt to world trends to affordable and quality products. Furthermore, with its design office, which provides significant added value in creative marketing strategies and innovative perspective, DeFacto also found the opportunity to prepare designs suitable for the countries it entered.

The experience and rapid growth momentum gained in a short time encouraged DeFacto to open up to foreign markets. As a result, DeFacto, which has acted with the vision of being a global fashion brand since its establishment, opened its first overseas store in Kazakhstan in February 2012.

Today, DeFacto has stores in 19 countries, including Kazakhstan, Iraq, Egypt, Belarus, Georgia, Russia, Tunisia, Morocco, Palestine, Jordan, Azerbaijan, Albania, Saudi Arabia, Croatia, Kosovo, Lebanon, Algeria, TRNC, and Turkey. For each of our stores, collections suitable for their own culture and lifestyle are prepared.

In addition to designing products, it offers its customers differentiated products in innovation and recycling, with product groups such as DeFacto Inova and DeFacto Eco, which have been realized with innovation and R&D investments.

DeFacto will continue to exist as one of the critical players in the accessible fashion industry in the future. With the concept of evolving an international style brand, DeFacto aims to operate in 50 countries with its stores and 100 countries with online trade-in 2025 and continues its activities in this direction.


Melih Çelet, who started a business while he was a student at the faculty of pharmacy in the early 1970s, evaluates the goods order requests received from the chamber of commerce.

Contacting a US company that wants to procure leather bags, Çelet has the company’s sample produced overnight in the Grand Bazaar as a contract manufacturer. Although the price was very high, Çelet’s entrepreneurial spirit impressed the US representative. The DESA adventure begins when Melih Bey learns the business details from the representative and receives an offer to work together.

DESA, which started its business by producing women’s bags in 1972, opened its first store in Erenköy in 1973. It met with Turkish consumers, and Turkish consumers met with shoulder strap women’s backpacks for the first time.

The essential steps it took towards globalization in the 1980s made DESA a successful supplier that manufactures for large companies globally. As a result of global-scale initiatives such as the DESA office opened in New York in 1986, the brand became a well-known name in the USA, European countries, and England and exports to these countries.

DESA, which became the Turkey distributor of world giant Samsonite in 1983, leads the growth of this sector in our nation by presenting comfy and suitable suitcase options to the travel products market. This collaboration shifted into a partnership in 2007.

In 1990, production moved to a modern facility of 15,000 square meters, still located in Sefaköy today. The leather of the products manufactured in DESA started to be produced in the leather tanning facility of 28,000 square meters in Çorlu in 1991. DESA has an integrated structure that includes all the chain links, starting from raw leather, including the presentation and sale of the final product to the customers in its stores.

In the 2nd Turkey evaluation of the Fortune 500 list prepared by the world’s most respected business magazine Fortune since 1955, Desa is ranked 443rd from 449th place, rising six areas compared to the previous year.

Desa Deri UK office was opened in London Baker Street in October 2000.

Having made a successful public offering in April 2004, DESA continues its investments in Turkey and abroad with nearly 12 thousand investor partners.

With the awareness of its responsibility towards its investors, DESA, which sets new business targets for itself and accelerates its efforts to create added value and provide employment in the sector, puts its Düzce factory into operation in 2006, in a total of 20,050 square meters and a closed area of ​​9,280 square meters, equipped with modern production facilities.

This project, which was realized with an investment of three million dollars, increased the production capacity by 60%.

The shoe brand Aerosoles, which offers comfort and elegance together with the slogan of Comfort & Style, became the distributor in 2004, and the brand gained a large fan base in Turkey and the world.

DESA became one of the pioneers of online shopping in the fashion sector in Turkey by starting online sales from the website desa.com.tr in 2004.

Continually adopting high production quality and contemporary design as a principle and aiming to be a pioneer in the world and Turkey, DESA was evaluated as a Super Brand in 2005 by the Turkish Superbrands selection committee.

In 2006, DESA was selected for the Turquality program, which was created with the goal of “creating ten world brands in 10 years”. As a result, it started working on many changes from its logo to its corporate identity, from store concepts to collections, to take concrete steps towards becoming a world brand.

In particular, the staff of the London office is expanded to realize the changes in the group and turn DESA into a fashion brand.

With the 2008 Spring/Summer season, DESA experienced a remarkable transformation. DESA, which has undergone an admirable transformation from its logo to the store concept and the ready-to-wear collection it has prepared, is now in our lives as a leather brand and a brand that offers fashion from head to toe.

Desa Leather Taking firm steps towards becoming a world brand, DESA puts this target into practice with the store it opened in London Hampstead in 2009 and Covent Garden in 2010 in the same region with world brands.

DESA’s domestic success in 2010, 2011, and 2012 is crowned with the Export 1st prize given by the Leather Exporters’ Association, which it has received for three consecutive years.

Yossi Cohen, who has held various positions in Max Mara and many other international brands as Creative Director since 2012, took over the task.

As of 2014, Desa offers its customers the opportunity to create an absolute elegance and a unique style at any time, anywhere, at nearly 100 stores in Turkey, 2 Desa stores in London, England, and through its online shopping site.

turkey clothing brands
turkey clothing brands

Ds Damat

D’S Damat, was established in 2002 to offer comfort and quality to large masses.

D’S Damat supplies have made their firm with their material selections, sewing, designs, and formats, are made in Turkey 100% high-quality household materials.

D’S Damat collections, which are included in all men’s wardrobes who want to create their style, from classic to modern, with different sub-collections, bring elegance to men and functionality.

D’S Damat, which offers quality at affordable prices, has overgrown in recent years, continuing to change the clothing habits of Turkish and foreign men and witness their most memorable moments in 128 points across Turkey and 35 nations around the planet…

turkey clothing brands
turkey clothing brands

Elvin Textile

1959 – Established by Ahmet Cenan Sönmez. In the first years, it produced fabrics for women’s tops. 1972 – It started to grow in its factory facilities, including twisting and weaving. 1984 – It began to make tulle curtains.

1989 – Started the first fantasy curtain production in Turkey. 1990 – One of the first Turkish companies to participate in the Heimtextil / Frankfurt fair.

1991 – Moved to today’s modern facilities.

1999 – Quality Certificate ISO 9001.

2008 – EFQM national quality movement local achievement award.

2008 – RedDot Product Design Award.

2009 – Most Innovative Product in textile.

2011 – IF material award.

2012 – RedDot Product Design Award.

2014 – IF product design award.

Elvin has an extended record in creating and exhibiting Decorative and Technological materials.

Elvin is a leading company, exporting to more than 40 countries, especially to Italy, Spain, Germany, USA, Japan, Korea, Hongkong, Russia, with ISO 9001 quality certificate and EFQM 2008 local success award.

Elvin, whose success in the field of design has been registered more than once with the world’s most distinguished design awards, “RedDot Product Design Award” and “IF design award.” Elvin aims to be a world brand in decorative fabrics and carry its corporate identity to the future with its 50 years of experience, young and dynamic team.

turkey clothing brands
turkey clothing brands

Faik Sönmez

Faik Sönmez, who started to work on orders in 1950, soon became the most sought-after female tailor in Istanbul. In 1972 he transferred his fittings and patterns from bespoke sewing to garments with the same meticulousness.

With over 20 years of rehearsal experience, he prepared molds suitable for Turkish women’s measurements, offering tailor-made clothes as comfortable as possible, meticulous sewing, and quality fabrics at affordable prices. Even though change has continued for 66 years at Faik Sönmez, our understanding of quality is always the same.

At Faik Sönmez, the works for each season start one year in advance. Every season, 35,000 fabrics are examined, 1,000 kinds of materials are tested in detail, and approximately 150 fabrics are used in each collection.

The basic patterns, established with years of experience, are revised millimetrically for all kinds of fabrics. Around 1000 model samples are sewn and sifted, 400 models are brought to life. The clothes are sewn by tailors who have worked with Faik Sönmez for many years. The alteration service in our stores ensures that the purchased garment fits the body precisely as desired.

According to their own words, “We consider this detail in all our models. We prioritize the understanding of elegance, simplicity, attention to detail, in short quality in our clothes, which can be classic at any time. We produce models that carry the lines of the day, in which our customers can adapt the fashion to themselves and feel happy and trendy'”

turkey clothing brands
turkey clothing brands


With 60 years of knowledge, Greyder has evolved one of the most choice trademarks in shoe fashion, creating dreams to reach objectives for those who desire to make their way in choosing shoes.

Greyder, which prioritizes the expectations of shoe lovers in all its collections and continues its brand journey with its style without being bound by standards, is among the respected brands in Turkey. And the world with its innovative store concept, eye-catching designs, stylish complementary products, and models that leave their mark on every season.

His passion, which focuses on Robustness, Quality, and Dynamism; Greyder, which response to the expectations of everyone with elegance and quality, with innovative solutions, offers service to its followers at more than 380 sales points.

Serving the love of shoes with its perfect production approach for 60 years, Greyder introduced the concept of ‘Casual Fashion’ to the consumer for the first time. Today, ‘Casual Fashion’ has become an indispensable trend with Greyder.

Greyder realizes the meeting of shoes and technology with the most rational ideas, flexible and cool on hot summer days; proves that it is different in every season with its models that do not allow water on cold winter days.

With its 100% leather products and vast production capacity, Greyder, which takes firm steps forward in its international brand journey and combines its distinctive production with quality and functionality, continues to offer elegance and comfort together.

turkey clothing brands
turkey clothing brands


The Kiğılı brand continued to work in the ready-made clothing sector with the production of shirts and trousers in 1965 by Abdullah Kiğılı, which started with the fabric trade in the Kiğı district of Bingöl in 1960. On October 25, 1969, he opened the current Kiğılı store on İstiklal Caddesi and became a partner in Beymen Beyoğlu store in 1973.

He established the Kiğılı garment factory in 1980. Since that date, it has been contracting manufacturing men’s suits for Germany and the Netherlands in its factory. In addition, it has started to sell its products through 300 dealers across Turkey. It has been continuing its sales through stores in various parts of Turkey since it abolished its wholesale sales in 1995.

Today, 207 stores in 62 cities in Turkey provide service abroad with 24 stores, including 17 stores and seven corners in Austria, France, Iran, Iraq, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Turkmenistan, Macedonia, and Vienna. It operates on a total area of ​​50000 square meters. It sends over 150,000 products per week to nearly 300 sales points spread worldwide.

turkey clothing brands
turkey clothing brands


Kinetix, acclaimed for its quality, price structure, and rich product range since its launch in 1989, reaches consumers at approximately 1500 sales points throughout Turkey.

Winning the admiration of consumers of all ages, especially young people, with its sports shoes, boots, boots, and daily wear shoes in women’s, men’s, and children’s collections. Kinetix is ​​among the top 5 sports shoe brands that consumers know best and most prefer.

Kinetix also produces licensed shoes for Turkey’s leading sports clubs Fenerbahçe and Galatasaray.

Kinetix, which made a breakthrough in 2005 and created its textile collection, is rapidly becoming Turkey’s best youth clothing brand.

Kinetix meets its consumers at 1100 sales points all over Turkey; With its popular advertising campaigns in recent years, it is on its way to becoming the best youth clothing brand in Turkey. In addition, Kinetix sells approximately 12 million pairs of sports shoes annually.


The commercial life of 4 brothers, who were born and raised in Baldıran Village of Kırıkhan District of Hatay, and carry the surname “Taşkınırmak,” started in 1985 with the sale of drapery products at a market stall.

Trade moves to Kırıkhan, and the market stall turns into a store. Next, they are going to Adana by enlarging the targets. Along with it, the scope of the business grows, and wholesale sales are started. The following address is in Istanbul, and the next target is to become a brand with a Signature.

The signature brand has adopted the principle of growing without giving up its understanding of quality throughout its development. It manufactures jackets and shirts at the facilities it has established in Adana and employs over 400 personnel at its Headquarters, Factory, and Retail Stores.

As of today, Taşkınırmak A.Ş., which is behind the Signature branded products, serves its customers with 53 stores and more than 150 dealers throughout Turkey.

Its signature collections meet the men’s clothing needs in its target audience on weekdays, weekends, and special days in three main sections with the distinction of classic, casual, and ceremony.

Taşkınırmak A.Ş. will continue its work in the field of men’s clothing, without giving up its understanding of quality, by adding qualifications to its work, and by growing in the national and international arena. Being aware of the value of the land it lives in, Taşkınırmak A.Ş., which works with 100% domestic producers other than its production, does not import the materials and accessories used unless it is compulsory.

Taşkınırmak A.Ş. aims to be a happy organization with its suppliers, working with a customer-oriented, quality service and product understanding in both sales and production in the classic men’s ready-to-wear sector.


Ayan Giyim is a family business that entered the textile sector in 1976 in production, with department experts at the management levels. Continuing its successful course in Eminönü, where the international market was active in the 90s, it combined the products produced with the JAKAMEN brand in 1997. As a result, JAKAMEN has become a well-known brand with its visual print media and product quality. While the ever-developing technology changes in every aspect of life, JAKAMEN continues to reflect this change with its activities. Adopting the principle of continuous growth, combining its stable development and quality products with fast production, JAKAMEN is proud of realizing the slogan of trust and quality in the period that has passed since its establishment.

Their concept is to evolve an authorized and choice brand both in the domestic and foreign markets by reaching high standards in product, service, trust, and quality.

To concede with grade managing norms and to make it permanent. To be a firm that counts significance to their employees and customers by providing reliability with our after-sales service and being the first choice with their high business ethics.

turkey clothing brands
turkey clothing brands


Founded in 1950 by Hasan Cansız, Kom Tekstil ve Konfeksiyon Sanayi A.Ş. started its production adventure with underwear in a small workshop in Galatasaray. Moving to the factory building in Şişli-Bomonti in 1961, Kom invested in machinery to produce its fabric and lace. He signed an additional license agreement with “Manhattan International” in the same years and started sewing men’s shirts.

In the 1970s, Kom made a license agreement with the American lingerie company “Hollywood Vasserette,” and its production volume grew thanks to its know-how.

In 1978, Kom stopped the production of men’s shirts and started to manufacture the collections of an Italian and French swimwear company for Turkey with a special agreement. Thus, Kom became the first and largest company in fashionable swimwear.

Kom continued to grow in the 1980s. By investing in dyeing, finishing and printing, PISA TEKSTIL VE BOYA FABRIKALARI A.Ş. was established. In 1998, PARMA TEKSTIL VE SANAYI A.Ş. fabric marketing firm named Kom joined the body.

turkey clothing brands
turkey clothing brands


1988 -The first store opened in Istanbul

1995 – Organization redesigned to focus on design and production

1996 – First store abroad – in Munich

1999 – Franchise system launched

2001 – Product range increased, large-scale stores started to be opened, first steps were taken to become a Fast Fashion brand

2002 – new stores opened in the Middle East, Russia, and the Balkans

2005 – Reached 100 stores in Turkey and 39 stores abroad

2009 – Ranked 26th in Turkey’s Most Valuable Brands list (2nd fashion brand) (Assessed by Capital, Turkey’s most prominent business magazine)

2010 – Koton Radio, which broadcasts live in all Koton stores, was established

2011 – Entered some new categories with its swimwear collection (with the Alessandra Ambrosio campaign), Kids collection plus Size collection 2012 – Selected as the “most admired and most preferred women’s clothing brand” in the research of the Shopping Mall Investors Association Turkey’s leading venture capital company, Partnered with Turkven.

2014 – Selected to the Turkish Super Brands list

2015 – Entered the cosmetics category with more than 150 products under the Koton Beauty brand. It was chosen as the “Most Reliable Women’s Clothing Brand” by Turkish shoppers. According to the 2015 BrandSpark Turkish Shoppers survey.

For the fourth time, it was selected as the “Most admired and most preferred women’s clothing brand” in the research of the Shopping Mall Investors Association. As a result, Koton.com started to offer online shopping services.

2016 – The experienced name of the world fashion and retail industry, Richard Isham Sardouk, started his duty as CCO in Koton. Design Lab, which determines the design, color, pattern, fabric, and season trends, was launched under Isham Sardouk.

There were ambitious brand categories, “Koton Jeans” and “Koton Kids” stores were opened.

Koton, which opened its first street store in Romania, increased the number of stores in Romania to 16.

The first Koton stores were opened in France (Paris), Croatia, Morocco, and Germany (Hamburg). Realizing the Inclusive Business Model, it introduced its customers’ “Koton Handicraft” collection.

Koton.com reached more than 40 million traffic and more than 20 million unique users in its first year.

Leke Jeans

LK & JNS DEW, one of the leading brands of the Turkish textile industry, was established in Osmanbey in 1995. 

95% of LK & JNS DEW products, which meet their customers at 400 sales points throughout Turkey, are produced and processed in their production facilities. The Turkey and Egypt denim factory consist of 2,096 people with workshop workers.

It provides service at 101 sales points, with 110 stores, 100 of which are authorized stores, and one factory outlet, in Marmara, Thrace, Central Anatolia, Eastern Anatolia, Southeastern Anatolia, Black Sea, and Mediterranean Regions throughout Turkey.

turkey clothing brands
turkey clothing brands

Mavi Jeans

They are the most critical & innovative jean brand in all Turkey clothing brands.


Mavi was Born in Istanbul with 40 years of ready-to-wear experience.

Blue jeans were translated into Turkish and named Mavi Jeans.


It entered retailing with Galleria and Akmerkez stores.


It became the market leader in Turkey and went to the USA, Canada, and Germany. As a result, the first issue of the youth culture magazine Maviology has been published.


“We’re Getting Too Much” campaign is started.

He created the Grevv model, bringing innovation to the sector with its industrial look and thick stitches.


It became one of the brands that started the premium jean segment with its specially developed denim fabric.

With the contribution of Adriano Goldschmied, known as the “golden finger of indigo,” he created patterns that perfected the feminine body lines and was very popular there.

As the first fashion brand from Turkey to open to the world, “We’ve gone too far.” He set the agenda with his advertising campaign.


It started to be sold in the giant chains of Nordstrom and Bloomingdales in the USA and Peek & Cloppenburg in Germany.

Chelsea Clinton, Cher, and MTV DJs were spotted wearing Blue Jeans.

Cem Yılmaz became the face of the advertisement.

Blue Music Nights, which will reach over 100 concerts over the years, have started.


Became the first Turkish brand to advertise in the USA and Canada and covered the Times Square square.

Became the first brand to bring the menu concept to fashion.

Annual turnover reached 100 million TL.


Opened flagship stores in Vancouver, New York, Berlin, and Frankfurt.

Time magazine reserved a special place for him and introduced him as the first brand from Turkey.


Became the first Turkish brand to be accepted to Europe’s largest fashion fair, Bread & Butter.

It was the only jeans brand listed in the Capital 500 survey.

They said “We’re So Beautiful” in the advertising campaign, making every wearer say the same.


Cosmogirl readers named her the sexiest jeans brand in the USA.

They created the Istanbul T-Shirts collection that will break all sales records.


They created Lindy, Turkey’s first skinny jeans, with the contribution of Venucia de Russi, the queen of molds.

Skinny jeans sales also exploded in Australia, the USA, and Canada.


The book of Lenses, which he made with Martin Parr, hit the shelves of Colette in Paris.

Time magazine lists it as one of the 16 best jeans brands globally.

They brought MaviAmerica, the premium jean collection produced for the USA, to Turkey.

It has opened its 100th retail store.


It has established the Kartuş CRM program that will reach 5 million people.

They did the “In Your Head” advertising campaign with Oliviero Toscani and Nicola Formichetti.

Came first in Ernst & Young’s Entrepreneur of the Year Competition and represented Turkey.

Mavi-TOG Ataks, which supports the social responsibility projects of 2,500 young people, started.

It rose to 281st place in the top 500 companies list.


Emir Kusturica shot the campaign “According to Your Head” commercial.

The star of the accessory collection brought the Yemeni to world fashion.

Speeded up the shipment of new products to the stores with the “Fresh Arrived” application.

Initiated the transition strategy from “Mavi Jeans to Blue.”

It has opened its first big square meter store with 650 square meters in Palladium.

Made a corporate leap forward in partnership with Turkven and carried its leadership in jeans to other product groups.


With the “This is Istanbul” campaign, he emphasized the style freedom of his birthplace.

I have created a vintage collection with Ece Sükan.


Became the first Turkish brand to run a fashion show at Berlin Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week.

Annual jean sales exceeded 5 million.


She did fashion shoots with Mert & Marcus in Los Angeles.

He recreated all his stores with the concept of Denim Kitchen.

It was awarded the Ruban d’Honneur among hundreds of brands in the HSBC European Business Awards competition.

Became the first brand to open its 3rd store in Beyoğlu which, was also its 100th retail store.


She was selected as the best jean brand in Germany by Sportswear magazine.

Annual turnover exceeded 500 million.


He had Hüseyin Çağlayan design his first jean collection.

It started to include beauty products in its stores.

They opened the online shopping site mavi.com.

On the cover of Time Magazine’s Millennials, there was a new generation of young people wearing blue.

With one million Facebook followers, it was among the ten most influential brands in Turkey’s social media.


Serenay Sarıkaya became the new brand face.

It has increased its young girl clientele by 30% with its glam department.

It rose to 166th place in the top 500 companies list.

They are shown in the top 11 of the “Turkey Brands National Team” in the global brand’s research.

Indigo Turtles rescued tens of thousands of Caretta Caretta with their camps.


It brought Serenay Sarıkaya and Kerem Bürsin and made the campaigns “We Are So Much Blue” and “We Are So Much Fashion.”

They designed the Premium jean collection for men, Mavi America Black.

They designed a Mediterranean-themed pop-up store and accessory collection with Paola Navone.

Won five awards from Media Felis for his story of discovering Vini.

Kendall Jenner was spotted in blue jeans.

Not only did it wear 70 million jeans in 25 years, but it also wore the Coca-Cola Light bottle.

The annual number of jeans has exceeded 7 million.


Richard Branson attended the launch of the space shuttle project in his blue jeans.

He started to celebrate his 25th birthday with the launch of Feather, a very, very special product.

Lucky Blue Smith, whose star shines so much, became its global face.

It is rumored to be “Even More So Much” during its 25th year.


Sarar, the Turkish ready-made clothing industry leader, started its commercial activities in Eskişehir in 1944.

Competing with world brands in the ready-to-wear industry with its five big production factories and over 5000 employees, high artistry quality, and special sewing privileges, Sarar is today in 180 cities in 5 continents and 55 countries abroad, and 75 cities in Turkey. Continues to serve with more than one Sarar concept store.

Sarar has more than 180 retail marts and over 800 sales points with Sarar Kadın, Interview Sarar, CCS, Sarar Scarf, Sarev, and Sartoria Sarar brands. In addition, there are 85 concept stores, 15 in Europe, 19 in the USA, and 51 in other countries.

It has a vast sales network with concept stores and sales points in Europe, the USA, Russia, Egypt, Turkic Republics, the Middle East, and Gulf Countries.

Sarar Europe company, headquartered in Düsseldorf, Germany, was established on January 3, 2000, to carry out branding, marketing, and sales activities in European Union countries. Between 2002 and 2015, 7 in Germany, 1 in Austria, 1 in Spain, 1 in Belgium, 2 in Switzerland, 2 in the Czech Republic, and Hungary. Depending on this company, the wholesale and retail operations in Europe are carried out. Fifteen retail stores with the Sarar concept have been put into service in Europe, including Istanbul.

There are 19 retail stores opened and still operating in different states and cities of the USA between 2002 and 2015. In addition to these stores, Sarar products are offered for sale in various shopping centers in cities where there are no Sarar stores.

In Turkey, they mainly provide suits for work at affordable prices. As a result, Turkey clothing brands are among the most seller brands for work clothing.

Sarar has been continuing its dealership activities since 2001 as an authorized dealer and spares part service station of Hyundai passenger and light commercial vehicles.

Also, in terms of dealership, authorized dealers and spare parts service stations of Toyota brand passenger and light commercial vehicles have been serving since 1997.

Sarar Bilişim, Communication and Operating Systems, whose main field of activity is informatics and technology, continues its activities as sales and technical service of computer hardware, telephone, and switchboard devices.

Continuing its efforts to accelerate its non-textile investments, which are ongoing successfully in the country, in the future, Sarar planned to put the 240-room 5-star hotel into operation in December 2017, the construction of which was started on a 10-decare plot in Beylikdüzü, Istanbul. It is aimed that the hotel construction, which can be evaluated in this direction and has been going on in Düzce since 2014, will be operational in August 2017, and the boutique hotel, which was started to be built in Eskişehir’s Kızılcıklı Mevkii, on the Porsuk Stream, in June 2017. For Eskişehir Old Bus Terminal.

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