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What is the Lycian Way?

The Lycian Way is a marked long-distance trail of 540km in length on the Mediterranean coastline of Turkey, running from Fethiye to Antalya. It passes through less-developed villages where local people still live according to generations-old ways of life, rich archaeological sites (including some UNESCO World Heritage Sites), and it offers spectacular coastal views that includes sea cliffs with deep blue water below; extensive pine forests clinging to steep terrains; picturesque bays; traditional hamlets nestling on forested hillsides; lush countryside dotted with olive trees and citrus orchards.

The Lycian Way’s name celebrates the ancient civilization of the Lycians who once inhabited these parts more than 1,600 years ago.

What is The Lycian Way
What is The Lycian Way

The best app to hike Lycian Way :

If you want to take the app route, I recommend Lycian Way PRO. You can use it to guide yourself if you have an internet connection, but you’ll need offline maps if there is no available connection. The website also allows for storing your data which is great for making backup copies of your progress.

This app has many features over other apps I’ve seen that are specific to the survival needs of people hiking the Lycian Way–including emergency medical info and landmarks layered underneath a user’s navigation point on their map to determine what they’re looking at right now. And since it’s online, multiple hiker communities contribute public tips and photos which are all very helpful when deciding where to stay overnight.

Lycian Way Accommodation Where to Stay?

There are plenty of terrific pensions to choose from in the area, all with rooms that have traditional furnishings. Some rooms have shared bathrooms while others have private bath suites.
Whether you want something basic or want to stay somewhere with a decadent spa for your serene getaway, there is something for everyone near the Lycian Way.

Can you cycle the Lycian way?

No, officially you can’t. However, there are plenty of trails to choose from that follow the same route, some of which allow mountain biking!

The trail itself is a hiking trail, and as such riders must dismount and walk their bikes over rugged sections. There are however plenty of alternative routes that provide scenic views without any hiking at all – these routes span a large breadth of land including hamlets in districts like Ephesus. Mountain bikers can make use of these as well as natural terrain using MTB-specific gear such as front suspension forks, hardtail framesets with gears instead of “full suspension”, knobby tires for offroad sections devoid of vegetation or rocks, short stems for quick turns…

Lycian way how many days?

The Lycian Way is about 540 kilometers long and takes an estimated 30 days to hike. It’s possible to follow the trail in shorter lengths, but it will take significantly more time than one might expect.

How long is the Lycian Way?

The Lycian Way is approximately 540 km or 335 miles and takes about 30 days to walk.

The Lycian Way meanders through the hills and valleys of the Mediterranean coastline following ancient paths, footpaths, and mule tracks, crossing forests, green fields, thyme-covered hillsides, and olive groves to offer you a chance to enjoy your time with nature. You can spend your time there hiking or exploring the archaeological sites such as Apollonia near True Blue Resort & Spa Apartments resort in Belek golf courses seashores at Xanthos archaeological site, and other temples that have been depicted on numerous occasions by Hollywood directors.

How difficult is the Lycian Way?

It’s a largely unmarked long-distance trail so be sure to do your research ahead of time, bring an adequate map with you on the trail lines, and have some mapping knowledge before embarking. However, don’t let this deter you from embarking on it! The Lycian Way is still one of the most scenic hikes in Turkey.

Look for day hiking trails that are marked along the way with blue signs that say “Lycian Way” on them or stop at one of the green tourist offices. This will give some great information about places to stay overnight.

Is the Lycian Way safe?

The Lycian Way is generally quite safe, but it does need to be followed strictly. One shouldn’t stray from the designated path for various reasons – safety, logistics, and the fact that much of the distance traveled on any given day is across the private agricultural property.

There are many routes available for people who want to hike Turkey’s Lycian coast (including some all-inclusive versions). Wherever one goes in this part of Turkey there will be an occasional local road crossing their path.

Can you do the Lycian way without camping?

It is possible to do the Lycian Way without camping. You can walk from village to village staying in pension or hotel accommodation, and pension owners can allow hikers a tent site close by. There are several villages along the way that have pensions with good amenities and offer prices competitive with hotels in modern city centers.

The level of quality varies considerably, but if you’re lucky enough to find a good one you’ll get more than just a bed for the night – there might even be an on-site restaurant serving traditional dishes using organic produce grown locally; delicious repasts that will not only fill the hole left by the hard day’s work (or lack thereof) but also raise our sagging spirits.

How much does the Lycian Way cost?

The Lycian Way is a very long but beautiful hiking trail. For the 30 days hike, you would require about 500 euros to 700 euros. On top of that, equipment such as food, water, and clothing will add another 100-300 euros. The total cost for a 70kg backpacker can be estimated at 700-800 euros per person over 30 days. But do keep in mind the lack of access to public services on this route


When to hike the Lycian Way?

The best months to hike the Lycian Way are probably spring and autumn. In summer it is too hot, while in winter there can be snow on several sections at more than 1500 meters altitude.

Where does the Lycian way start?

The Lycian Way is a hiking trail that starts in Ovacık, but you can also hike it from Fethiye if you prefer. The northern suburb of Ölüdeniz has several roads where cars may obstruct the view for hikers so they should take side trails when possible!

What is The Lycian Way
What is The Lycian Way
What is The Lycian Way
What is The Lycian Way
What is The Lycian Way
What is The Lycian Way
What is The Lycian Way
What is The Lycian Way

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